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No Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Is the Internet Connection providing you with SIP/VoIP/Hosted Service, activated and live?

Have there been any known changes to your network environment?

Contact your Service Provider for further assistance.

No Incoming Calls

Is there a Divert in place that needs removing?

Have you recently changed Provider and Ported Numbers across to a New SIP/VoIP Provider?

Ensure Telephone System is correctly configured for New SIP Trunks.

No Outgoing Calls

Is there an Automatic Fraud Bar in place?

Poor Voice Quality

If you are using any sort of Cloud Based Telephony Solution there is always a risk of experiencing poor call quality if it hasn’t been provisioned or setup correctly or if you are sharing a connection for Voice & Data without the correct priorities in place.

Fortunately the causes of poor voice quality are easy to diagnose and correct through a matter of elimination. Your Service Provider should be able to identify and work with you to correct these problems. Most importantly, these problems should not be ongoing if your Service Provider is unable to correct your call quality contact us and we will advise you.

Common Problems & Solutions

The Problem: Latency

Voice delay or latency is characterized as the amount of time it takes for speech to exit the speaker’s mouth and reach the listener’s ear. Latency sounds like an echo.

This can happen all the time to data service but usually goes unnoticed, but there is no escaping latency with a voice service.

The Solution: Prioritize

Prioritise Voice traffic over your network. Your IT Manager can assist with this as there are various options dependent on the route cause; Policy based network management, bandwidth reservation, Type of Service, Class of Service, and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) are all widely used techniques for prioritising traffic. A good quality router can solve many of these issues and will result in a business quality Phone Service.

The Problem: Inadequate Router

You may have been supplied with or trying to utilise a router that is not compatible with Voice Services. Although Router may all look the same and do the same job for an “End User” on a Technical Level they are all very different and have a different range of settings.

Your Supplier should always Provide or Recommend a Router that is suitable for your Cloud Based Voice Service.

The Solution: Install a Recommended Router

This is one of the most common causes of call quality issues. Many small businesses use their internet connection for both voice and data. This is perfectly fine as long as your router has the ability to prioritize traffic.

The Problem: Poor Internet Connection

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) are designed for web surfing and not voice services. Transporting voice packets is different and requires an additional set of internet protocols that your ISP may not be providing.

The Solution: Review Internet Connection

A Leased Line Service with uncontended bandwidth is the best way to ensure a high quality internet connection. However this doesn’t suit everyone’s budgets so an Assured Broadband Connection or at the very least a Strong Dedicated Broadband Connection for your Voice Service will definitely help and is our Standard Recommendation. Contact Us to discuss the various connections available to you.

The Problem: Internal Network Improperly Configured

Cloud Hosted Voice Services, in whichever variety, are less than 10-years old. Many Small Businesses also rely on External IT Providers so if you haven’t been correctly advised by your Voice Provider and the correct Network Configurations are not in place you can expect to have call quality issues.

The Solution: Network Configuration

This is one of the easiest and least expensive problems to correct. Midland Telecom will always supply a Configuration Document in advance of install to be passed to the IT Manager. As each Solution is different you will need to speak with your provider for the correct configuration settings.

Dedicated Tech Support Team

Our technicians have over 35 years experience in Telecoms and IT specialising in diagnostics and programming of fixed and hosted telecommunications solutions as well as Openreach lines, ADSL / FTTC broadband and Leased Line services.

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