Work from Home

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is now online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Teams collaborate and share information in a myriad of ways using a plethora or applications and services. All these applications and services are consumed in a predominately “…as a Service” delivery model and paid for in monthly per user instalments, albeit within contracted terms.

The Office
Work from Home

Is this now the focus of the company’s data? With most of the work effort via predominately online service, data on site is becoming a thing of the past. Even if this isn’t the case, because of the need to connect home workers to office-based data, the connection to the office is now critical.

Because Midland Telecoms are a premium telecoms provider, as well as IT Support provider, we can advise you on the most cost effective, resilient and reliable connectivity to ensure that you connectivity is rock solid.

This connectivity is just the start. It is an important building block of a network that will carry your data, securely, to were it need to be used. And its not just data in the form of documents and information system information, its also video conference, telephony and IoT telemetry. The modern office had changed, the technologies have converged and you need a support provide that understand not only all of these technologies, but also your needs and requirements both now and into the future of your business. Midland Telecom is that provider.

Home Office Setup
Work from Home

Who would of thought that in the early 21st century we would be forced to consider life without the office? Well it happened, and now hundreds of thousands of people have been thrown back to their kitchens, living rooms and under the stairs. This brings with it huge technological challenges, which on the whole seem simple to fix, but the deeper connotations of security (Both data and personal) and health and safety are rarely considered in the rush to connect the home to the office.

If you would like to talk to us about how to address these then we are waiting to hear from you, after all IT people were the original work from home warriors and have many years of experience on how best to deliver a reliable, secure and safe home working environments. Welcome to Working from home As A Service (WAAS)!

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