Business Mobiles

We build the very best flexible and bespoke Mobile plans for your business. To keep you connected whenever, wherever...

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M2M Device SIMs

The standard SIM card we all used today on our mobile phones has been designed and made for mobile phone usage. As a result, mobile SIM plans are built around usage and catered for generic use...

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4G & 5G Broadband

4G is not just for Smartphones. It offers one of the best broadband solutions for more remote and rural properties - and even where mobile reception is poor...

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Mobile Resources

A bewildering array of mobile business plans makes choosing the right option for your business complicated. At Midland Telecom we don't do complicated. We work with you to find the optimal cost-effective solution to your needs, helping you make the transition safely and with confidence...

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Case Studies

Wales Co-Operative Society

Modernise and integrate a new fleet of smart digital devices to deliver their objectives...

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