Tranisition Q&As

Here are some questions answered to business mobile customers:

Midland Telecom and IT have their own billing platform. This allows us to bill you form when you old contract ends. This takes the form of a part month. Then we bill you for a full month. These timings will usually avoid too much extra costs from overlapping bills. You will always get a little bit of use spill into the next month with most providers, as they rarely cut over exactly on the month end.

It might be worth deploying an MDM solution to your old phones, this then allows you to wipe them compliant with GDPR, after you are confident the data have been transferred to the new phone. You can also take a back-up prior t the transition just too be on the safe side. Once your old phone is wiped, it then follows you could collect it, re-cycle it or just leave it for the user to have as a spare. Be wary an old iPhone base model can be worth well over £100 after two years.

Of course, we can stagger the contract start dates and make sure they all co-terminate on the same day. Many clients have added a few phones after the main contract that finish on differing dates (we call it “ jagged edged” contracts). We can copy the flow of contract end dates and diarise the transition date for you. This way you can avoid building in settlement fees.

With Midland Telecom and IT, you can have 02, Vodafone and EE on the same contract. You still get a single bill, a single contract, and the same account management team. So, for the odd user who can ‘t get Vodafone or O2 at home, we can supply an EE sim.

With Midland Telecom and IT, you can have different networks on two sims, on the same phone. Furthermore, we can segregate the billing, one can be billed to the home user, one to the business. Differing numbers on both sims. As well as this dual number format, the data can be partitioned so that the business only has influence over the business “container”, leaving the private data secure. A simple software additional can relay calls from one network to the other and will not pass the missed call to voice mail until it has tried both numbers. This should, remove most coverage blackspots for users of both networks.

Yes, we can unlock phones from any network so you can re-use them and put our sims in the old phones.

Yes, you can port your old numbers to a differing network. There are some rare networks that can’t do this but any of the big four can be transferred.

Yes, this is called co-termination and you can pay a small fee to permit the same end date on all subsequent handset additions.

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