Account Management

Public Sector Tenders

It is important that the Account Manager who leads the bid for the Tender sees it through to final handover and aftercare. Our normal team of Account Managers finds it difficult to manage the ‘cliff edge’ nature of tender deadlines and tight schedules for handover, while still managing a portfolio of Accounts in their normal day-to-day duties. For this reason, we appoint an experienced Bid Manager to give a consistent and dedicated focus on processing the tender, as promised, and on-time and on budget.

Bid Manager

The Bid Manager processes the tender and asks the relevant tender questions, gets the tender pricing and bid support from suppliers, completes the tender upload to the portal and if awarded the successful bid, then plans the migration process, from start to finish.

Help Desk Account Management

Once the contracts and paperwork are authorised, the work of your Help Desk team is invaluable. We have found the most efficient way to build a good, working relationship, is for the Help Desk team to provision your order. This familiarises them with your team, your fleet of devices and the nature of the distribution, whether it is Zero-touch to the user’s homes or to the Head or Regional offices.

They help you unlock phones, choose the devices, choose the accessories, and time the porting (if required) in the migration process. They are guided by the Bid Manager, who checks the processes are completed to the Gant Chart we will produce for you.

At the end of this provisioning process, the Help Desk Team will know you and your team well enough to have an established rapport. This helps make the business relationship flourish.

To complete the process, they will introduce you to the support portal where any member of your team can be instructed on a video conference to open tickets, check billing etc.

Field Based Account Management

This role has migrated to the desktop through the Covid-19 pandemic, but we cannot wait to visit our clients again and contact with you will be arranged once restrictions are lifted. We normally schedule visits on a quarterly basis. The Field and Help Desk teams are in constant contact and they will have detailed access to your spend over the last three months. They will point out any areas where you can adjust your plan to minimise overspend. This is typically adding a few bolt-on methods to change the way you communicate to avoid charges, for example, sending emails instead of picture messages. They will review any tickets the helpdesk processed and take on board any areas we can improve service to you.

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