IT Support

Managed IT Support

For most business’s the challenge of ensuring technology is working optimally can be a daunting task. Left to their own devices, employee’s will quickly find it difficult to overcome even the most trivial of issues. This reduces the productivity of the business and not only reduces the return on investment in the technology, but also to employee dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Midland Telecom have developed a range of support services that can help your business avoid these pitfalls and quickly resolve technology issues.

With secure management and monitoring of your technology, this service aims to spot problems before they impact your business. When technology does present issues, our ability to remotely diagnose and resolve these issues within prescribed service levels ensure that your business maximises its return on its investment in technology and maintains employee satisfaction and engagement.

Tailored IT Support

Not all business’s have the same support needs. Midland Telecom recognises this and is agile enough to be able to offer tailor made support services to fit every business’s needs. Whether its supporting your existing IT Department through absenteeism, working with your senior management team to produce an IT Governance policy or strategy, or just monitoring you IT System, we can design a service that is fit for purpose and cost effective just for you.

Home Office Support

So, you’re working from home. You have the kids on PlayStation’s, tablets streaming Netflix, Amazon and Call of Duty, or worse still you have a poor internet connection, you need help. Midland Telecom offers a range of support services for home workers. We can diagnose what the issues are, resolve them if they can be resolved, but crucially recommend the best path to ensuring that your home workers are able to continue to perform efficiently without having to struggle with their home environment.

Ad-hoc Support

At Midland telecom, we don’t like the term Ad-Hoc. It recalls memories in out industry of the bad old days when people would get charged a retainer for being available and then a “Voucher” system would ensure that your money was in our bank accounts when you needed to call us out to fix things. No service level was offered, no guarantee was given. It was expensive and not timely, in short, a poor service designed to benefit the provider, not the subscriber.

We’d like to suggest a different approach.

We offer a Ad-Hoc support service that brings value to the retainer, we don’t offer vouchers and we do offer service level guarantees.

For a small monthly fee per device, we monitor your IT equipment 24/7. This also means that you have a full inventory of that equipment and the software that it run. It also means that we can tell when is running out of disk space, memory, or using the processor excessively. We also, and this is very important, monitor its security and critical patch status. All of this is reported back to you on a monthly basis. Should we detect that there is and issue, or you need us to resolve a problem, as part of this service, we offer to respond to your request within a predetermined response time, and to target a resolution to your issue within a guarantee time.

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