Contract Flexibility

Cancel any SIM, at any time, for any reason

Most businesses operate on a short to medium-term plan that can change at short notice. We appreciate this is the real world and no business wants to be burdened by commitments to contracts they cannot get out of.

Midland Telecom and IT have decided to compromise as far as we can, to allow businesses the flexibility to scale their fleet up or down as staffing levels change.

Without dwelling on how businesses have on occasion been stung by high settlement payments in the past, and what we call ‘jagged edge’ contracts all ending on different dates, we have decided to offer a fair settlement policy that will allow you to:

  • Cease unwanted connections
  • Port out numbers with leaving staff
  • Port in numbers from joining staff
  • Replace numbers with new ones when staff change
  • Co-terminate contracts simply and easily so they can all end on the same date
  • Add company numbers to an employee’s phone as a second connection
  • Change networks when staff move
  • Add new connections late in the contract at short notice

The way we allow this, is to set a small fee to permit all these changes, at any time, for any reason. This fee is £35 + VAT for a smartphone and solves all the above problems with a simple one-off fee.

Where the plan includes equipment we supplied, we separate the equipment element off and the unlocked phones we provided, are billed alongside the one-off cancelled airtime fee.

We allow up to 25% of your connections to be managed in this manner, across the life of the contract.


Bring Your Own Device is a facility that allows your business to enable a business SIM on an employee’s phone, that has separate permissions, data storage and facilities (compared to the users own personal SIM).We can ‘containerise’ work data which is encrypted and secure on the device. It can be remotely wiped and restored to the dashboard controlling your business data. So, the employee has the convenience of a single device and you can avoid the high costs of having an expensive device exclusively for work use. You can even incentivise the employee with an allowance to use his own device.

This is useful where the employee is on a temporary contract, does not justify the full use of a smartphone, or prefers their own phone but wants to separate the two sources of calls and data. The facility is enabled using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software where we load the business container on the phone. Likewise, you do not have access to the personal element of the device. The employee has a separate SIM number, voice, SMS and data plan, funded by you, and presented on your billing platform (completely independently of their own bill). This can be useful for temporary contracts without the need to supply a device. Typically, there is no access to the device out of working hours other than to remote wipe or restore it.

Unlocked phones

All the phones and tablets we supply are unlocked to use on any network and many now have dual SIM abilities to permit two SIMs to be used on differing networks.

Pay as you go - light users

We have a platform that can bill lighter users for calls, SMS and UK data when they are required, without a monthly rental.

Short term rentals

With short-term agreements, we can provide monthly rolling plans which are simply added to the bill as required.

Mid-term contract extensions

If you need to add a new tranche of phones but do not have sufficient length on the current contract, without settling the present contract, we can extend the current one and fund the extra devices.

Monthly contract extensions

At the end of the normal term of your contract, if you are not sure of what lies ahead, you can leave you monthly renewing contract in place and apply for a monthly hardware credit to buy handsets that are worn out. This way you can keep the old contract terms without having to renew the whole contract and still have some money to replace the end-of-life equipment.

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