Ethernet Leased Lines

How important is the internet to your Business?

Orders, Software, File Storage, Communications all through the Internet.
72% of SMEs experienced Internet Downtime last year
81% said they had a Complete Reliance on Email to stay in Business.
UK Small Businesses lost £12bn last year due to internet outages.

The requirement for a Reliable and Faster service has led to an increase in Leased Line installations, helping drive down costs for a service that is now vital to the operation of your Business or Organisation.

What is a leased line?

Simply put, it is currently the fastest internet connectivity available in the UK. It is an uncontended high-speed fibre-based service that offers guaranteed and symmetrical bandwidth, low latency, great reliability and 24/7 support provided with a 99.95% SLA and six-hour fix time.

Help with installation costs – Midland Telecom is an Approved Government Supplier on the Gigabit voucher scheme. We can help you qualify for a FREE government grant when installing a new leased 1GB connection.

What speeds are available?

Up to 10GBPS Uncontended Fibre to your door with scalable bandwidths, typically from 10MB to 1GB depending on your budget and requirements.

Our prices for leased lines start at just £199pm for a 100MB connection.

Reliable - 99.95% SLA
Affordable - Likely to cost no more than you pay now
Fast - Up to 10GBPS Uncontended Fibre Optic service to your door
24/7 Support - Faults fixed within six hours

Get the best out of your
Leased Line

Super-fast connectivity to the Internet
Make calls over the internet using SIP/VoIP and reduce phone line costs
Enable staff to reliably connect to their work PCs from home
Linking PCs and servers across different sites

Top Leased Lines Myths

"It takes months to install a Leased Line"


It now only takes an average 30-45 days to install a Leased Line. Midland Telecom uses an accelerated installation process and has reduced the wait to weeks, instead of months. Our local team handle the entire process for you. You can be reassured that more than 90% of our Leased Lines are delivered on time, without excess construction charges.

"It is only for big companies"


Whether you are a big or small company, comparing what you spend per month on traditional ISDN lines, calls and broadband to what you would get with a Leased Line from Midland Telecom is far more cost-effective than you would think.

"We cannot afford a Leased Line"


Investing in a Leased Line is cost-effective. You can use our Leased Line for your SIP/VoIP lines, calls and internet. With the looming ISDN switch off, there has never been a better time to speak to our dedicated team about combining these costs and how they can work out cheaper.

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