Funding Equipment

You can cancel any amount of equipment spend at any time and use it for:

Accessories at fleet prices




Routers and MiFi devices

Any device with 4G or 5G connectivity

Settlement of mobiles bills

Funding per device

We can also provide a funding per device option in which you dictate the spend level. So, if you want £240 per device connected, on a two-year contract, we simply add £10 per month to the Opex rental (24 x £10). So, a 20GB data plan costing £15 a month will cost £15 + £10 = £25 per month for 24 months and you will have £240 added to your equipment fund to spend on any item, for any connection. The key advantage with Midland Telecom, is that at any point in the 24-month term, you can pay a one-off fee of £35 to suspend the 20GB plan, if you no longer need it, without paying off the entire contract value for that phone.

Funding per month on a short-term contract

With the public sector obliged to go to tender to get best value for public funds, at the end of the initial contract term it might be inconvenient to run a tender process, but you might need some new equipment. We are happy to renew the contract on a monthly rolling basis, awarding 1/24th of the equipment funding from the previous 24 months for each month that you continue the contract, thereby leaving you some funds to replace equipment.

Equipment price matching

We price match equipment to any of the major networks for a SIM free device or Curry’s PC World (Carphone Warehouse), whichever is the lowest. So, as phones devalue across the length of the contract, your equipment funding buys more for your money. For example, an iPhone 12 is £80 cheaper each year - you pay the current pricing that is market adjusted to current levels.

Fulfilment of phones direct to end user – Zero touch

Our framework agreements mean you can buy phones and accessories and store them at our premises for a cooling off period should you change your mind.

Early Termination

We take a much more flexible approach to helping you fund your equipment needs. For most customers, predictable monthly costs, with a small amount of over-plan billing, is the preferred option.

The client wants the most flexibility with the ability to exit the contract with ease, the provider needs to recover the cost of the expensive handset over the full term. Unboxing a handset can immediately devalue it by up to 50%. So, a handset only a few months old, cannot easily be returned without a payment to compensate the provider.

So how do we meet the needs of the two sides? If we separate the equipment from the airtime, in a manner that permits a division of the costs, then it is possible for a mobile user to cancel the airtime element or plan and retain the handset until it is required again.

So, if the plan costs £10 a month and the handset costs £20, so the busines user pays a total of £30 a month. The business user can stop the costs of the plan half way through the contract and save the £10 a month. In practice, we have found the fairest way to achieve this is to charge the same standard one-off fee, for each such transaction, in our case it is £35 + VAT. That way the business user can downsize the fleet without having to pay a huge penalty and they still retain the handset (which they can sell on second-hand or back to us).


Many business mobile users complain of contracts finishing at differing times, often because a subsequent addition to the fleet is provided on the same terms on a new 24-month contract. This results in ‘jagged edged’ contracts, so renewing the fleet is messy and for convenience, settlements are paid to re-align the contracts.

As we bill our own plans, on our own billing platform, we can re-align your contracts at any time so they all finish on the same date. We can shorten some or lengthen others to achieve the synchronised outcome.

With our airtime plans being able to be cancelled at any time for £35, aligning contracts is easy even if you want to move to another supplier.

We can provide all new additions to a co-terminated date, but this may result in having two end dates a year apart, as very short terms will push up monthly costs (with the full cost of a new addition squeezed into just a few months).

Changing numbers

You can change any number on your fleet, at any time for the same one-off admin fee. This is useful if someone leaves and a new person joins as re-using an old number can be annoying for the new user.

Porting out a number, porting in a number, having a new number

This can all be accommodated for the one-off fee.

Changing networks

This is often required when a user moves to a new house or a new starter takes over a role where the network cannot reach their home effectively. Again, a change of number or network, or both can be done for the same fee.

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