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Working from Home. Our Remote Working Solutions.

Allow your business to thrive throughout this difficult time with our remote working solutions.

Business as Usual


During this difficult time for all businesses, Midland Telecom are offering a total remote working solution to ensure your business can still thrive whilst many are working from home.


Consumers in the most part have not lost out on any earnings but have been unable to get out and spend as usual.

Everyone is predicting a huge surge in the economy in the 2nd half of the year.


Within a couple of months restrictions are going to be lifted with distancing measures applied to many businesses.

Are you ready for a surge in business, is your homeworking an afterthought, are you open for business as normal using the set up you have?

Are you ready to be half in, half out?

If you convert your Traditional Fixed Telephone Lines (Analogue, PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN30) to one of our SIP or Cloud Hosted products now, you will be ready for the surge and be able to operate normally, even if you still require staff to work from home.


Its approximately 30 days to complete a full conversion so contact us now to start discussing your options.

Our Solution


Midland Telecom’s solution is to combine the use of Microsoft Teams and Agent Ready to maintain high level functionality whilst employees are working remotely. This also offers a professional appearance and flexibility for your business, so that it can take in its stride any future changes in manning and distancing restrictions.


Agent Ready combines your company telephone calls with the Microsoft Teams on your computers.  It takes all the Company’s calls and re-routes them to suit the new ways of working. This is covered in more detail below.


Microsoft Teams will allow you to communicate smoothly as a business between employees, customers and suppliers with a wide range of calls and meeting options. Microsoft Teams and it’s features are covered more below.

Microsoft Teams

Once your business is setup on Microsoft Teams, you can access it by downloading the desktop application, through your browser or even on the mobile app.


To start your teamwork collaboration, you will need a team. Setting up Teams is easy and done in a few clicks, requiring a Team name and a description; this then allows team members to be added.


Each Team has subsections, which are called Channels, and a General Channel will automatically be created. You can have multiple Channels within a Team; for example, you could have a ‘Marketing’ Team and then Channels such as ‘Social Media’, ‘Product Launch’, ‘Blogs’ etc. Or a Company could be a Team and Channels can relate to departments – you can choose whatever suits your organisation’s way of working. Whenever there is a new notification or activity, the Channel will become bold.


Each Channel all have their own tabs along the top. Conversation (group chat), Files (shared documents) and Notes (shared OneNote) are automatically created and you can then add your own tabs.

Getting to know Teams!

Teams and Channels

Agent Ready

Agent Ready allows users to log in and out of your Phone System with ease. It is available to use on your browser or a mobile app.


The Agent Ready app allows you to distribute calls from a single telephone number to a group of phone lines, through hunt groups. Using Agent Ready, remote call center, sales team or home workers can easily log in and out of a corporate phone system to access inbound calls to their team. Designed to be simple to use, workers can be log in and out of their team (or “hunt groups”) manually, through a schedule, or through admin control. This app effortlessly generates usage statistics to easily monitor and improve work flow.


This product combined with Microsoft Teams will allow your business to function seamlessly giving you and your employees flexibility in their remote working environment.


Key Features of Agent Ready

  • Manual Login & Logout

  • Administrator Control

  • Scheduled Login & Logout

  • Usage Statistics

Like Microsoft Teams each user can opt in or out of receiving phone calls and can change the routing of their calls to their home phone, mobile or through their computer using Teams.


You can also observe and tinker with the main menu of your company’s calls, seeing who is answering which departmental option.


Keep an eye on your company performance which can be checked to see if you are missing calls using the simple statistics button.


See below the screenshots of the Agent Ready Menu where you can manage and make quick changes to department ring groups.

Midland Telecom will Funnel your existing calls to a main attendant menu just like you are at the office.

Distribute calls to a mixed pool of workers at home or office and deal with changes on a daily basis.

Why Midland Telecom?

With over 30 years of experience providing our customers with telecommunication & broadband solutions, we will be supplying your business with the best solution combined with the best support.

Although Microsoft Teams Voice is available direct from Microsoft, you wont pay any more for the service through Midland Telecom, but you have the advantage that our Microsoft accredited Staff will hold your hand all the way through the planning and setup process, demonstrate how to best utilise your Teams Software as well as complete the full configuration on your behalf.


None of which are services Microsoft offers and all of which would usually cost £1000’s to either employ an accredited consultant or in Microsoft training courses for your own Staff.

The Best Solutions

Our range of solutions allow you to choose the best option for your business.

The Best Support

Our Support team are ready to help with any issues you may experience over the phone or through email.

Professional Image

With our remote solutions your business can operate as usual despite the changing circumstances.

One Stop Shop

Midland Telecom can manage the diversion and porting of your company telephone numbers.


We have a full Openreach Reseller status with direct access to the EMP portal at Openreach .


We manage your faults, numbers allocations, diversions, all from our helpdesk in Birmingham.


Blend call distribution to departments  with home workers,  office workers, all in the same group, for guidance with managing your company numbers and calls, fill the contact form in below and we will contact you back within 4 hours.

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