Other Mobile Plans

Unlimited everything

This is a plan where you have:

  • Unlimited data (fair use policy is usually 650GB)
  • Unlimited calls (fair use - 5000 minutes to 01,02,03 UK mobile and freefone)
  • Unlimited SMS (fair use policy – 5000 SMS)

They do cost more than the average sharer plans if your whole fleet has one, we recommend that you pick out the higher users, put them on this plan and the rest can manage with the shared plan.

Business PAYG

With Pay As You Go plans you have several light users that may only make a handful of calls and texts every month and might use some small amounts of data because the phone is mainly in Wi-Fi areas. There is no point in paying £10 upwards for a sharer to a main plan; you might as well pay for calls as you use them and if costs get above £8-£10 a month then upgrade to a full sharer. Calls are 10p for any type including 01, 02, 03, UK mobile, UK non-Geo. Texts are 6p, data is just 0.3p MB. Spend limits can be set to control costs.

You could provide these SIMs as an extra SIM to a dual SIM phone just for business use, complete with its own number. An employee’s phone could be used in this way to pay for calls they make for the business but they do not justify a permanent smartphone facility.

In education they can be used as ‘Trip phones’, where we provide some Nokia basic phones for staff to use on excursions.

Monthly contract

Where a business wants the most flexibility, we can provide a monthly contract, with a monthly equipment fund award. This might suit some public sector organisations at the end of their main contract, when they need to replace the odd phone while they decide about a new contract.

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