Mobile FAQs:

This guide is for EE users: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT203032

‘Default Pin’ is used when you need to listen to your voicemails via a handset that isn’t your own, or when your abroad and need to access your voicemail. Vodafone – This is set by the user during activation. O2 Default voicemail pin - 8705

Voicemail isn’t active when your number ports to Midland Telecom, however this is easy to activate, simply dial the following.

  • Vodafone users Activate -1211 Remove – 1210 (also removes any active divert). Voicemail number - 121
  • O2 Users Activate - (9)1750 Remove - ##002# (also removes any active divert). Voicemail number - 901 Voicemail isn’t active when your number ports to Midland Telecom, however this is easy to activate, simply dial:
  • Vodafone users – Activate (1211), Remove (1210), Voicemail number (121)
  • O2 users – Activate ((9) 1750), Remove ((9) 1760), Voicemail number (901)

Yes. We have the facilities to bar every outgoing service on your device as well as applying a handset bar rendering it useless. We can remove all bars as quickly as we can apply them. Whenever you realise your device is lost or stolen, call us to bar immediately on 0121 214 1111.

Data rates in Europe are at an all-time low. Give us a call on 0121 214 1101 to check your options for the European country you’re visiting. When travelling to the Rest of the World (ROW) we’d always recommend a bolt on. Call us on 0121 214 1101 to discuss bolt on options.

Most O2 mobile plans refresh on 1st of every month, although some plans refresh on the 26th of the month. All Vodafone mobile plans refresh on 1st of every month.

The service level agreement time starts when a fault has been found by Openreach, this time can vary depending on the service level that you are paying for – The service level can be found on your contract.

There are three levels available

  • Level 2 – Offer a 48h fix time, from the fault being found and hours of operation are Monday - Saturday 8am – 6pm.
  • Level 3 – Offers a 24h fix time from fault being found and hours of operation are Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm.
  • Level 4 – Offers a 6h fix time from fault being found and operates 24/7 365 days a year.

There are internal checks that need to be conducted before logging the fault.

  • Analogue Lines: you first need to remove the front face plate of the wall socket where you will find a second socket known as the master socket. Then connect the analogue phone to the master socket from where you can check noise, no dial tone or a permanent engaged tone.
  • ISDN2: simply check the light on the Openreach fitted ISDN2 box(s). The single centre light should be solid which indicates the channels are up and working, flashing means that the channels could be out of sync and if the light is off this tends to point towards.
  • ISDN30: in this case ISDN30 has multiple lights that need to be checked to give more detail on the fault.
Midland Cloud Voice FAQs

Yes, we can port your existing numbers across and unlike Fixed Telephone Lines you are not restricted to the Local Exchange. To ensure no disruption we do not port until standard testing has been passed and the solution is setup and working as you require.

For most customers yes. There is a list of approved phones that can be re-used. Normally we offer a good choice of the latest handsets, with the costs spread over the life of your contract and replacement warranty included.

If you want to have better productivity from using applications like call recording, call logging and call queuing systems, Midland Cloud Voice is much cheaper and does not go out of date. Software assurance is included in the low perpetual rental. As you have no hardware, the system never needs replacing.

Midland Telecom maintains thousands of fixed phone systems all over the UK. So as far as we are concerned a Cloud Voice system is no different. We have adequate resources to attend your site and resolve tricky issues that cannot be solved remotely. You have a choice of having on-site visits included in your support plan or pay for them when required.

Yes mobiles and tablets are fully integrated into Midland Cloud Voice. Just download the app onto your Android or iOS device and you will benefit from being able to see the presence of your desk or mobile based colleagues.

Yes they are better. With the national deployment of BT’s 21CN network, where the traditional numbered public network has been merged with the latest VoIP technology, Midland Cloud Voice can assure users of this network that they will enjoy greatly improved HD quality calls.

Telephone systems have evolved in the last ten years and virtually all of them have moved away from proprietary digital signalling and are now based on the Internet Protocol (IP). This no longer restricts a business telephone system from being housed in a cabinet, they too can now be based servers, in data centres, often referred to as the “cloud”. So now “cloud voice” means a hosted PBX serving many customers in partitioned “virtual” server.

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