Social Care Wales – Using Android Enterprise and Knox to Manage their fleet of mobiles

The Customer

Based in Cardiff and North Wales, with 126 staff and growing steadily since 2017.

Social care Wales are building confidence in the Care Workforce and supporting improvements in Social Care Throughout Wales.

Social care Wales sourced its previous mobile fleet from EE but felt to the market to secure a customized solution to meet their needs for the next three years.

They have staff who need coverage throughout the Wales and have a requirement to integrate their communications with their mobile fleet.

Their Needs

Staff often use the camera on the smartphones for video-calls or have a requirement to use a camera as part of their job. A smartphone with a good camera was essential.

They wanted a supplier who could demonstrate to them that they could provide coverage throughout the UK, particularly in Wales, in the Cardiff and Denbighshire county areas

Another requirement of the busy ICT support department managing the mobile fleet, was the supplier should completely, prepare and administer the porting of the fleet, retaining the numbering and transfer to the new provider with the minimum of fuss.

An Important factor in choosing Midland Telecom was their provision of a dedicated Account Management team. Who can deal with faults, queries and upgrade

As well as the supply of the mobile fleet and airtime, Social Care Wales needed a solution to manage this fleet centrally. They looked at several Mobile Management Solutions to be able to remotely query and resolve problems the staff were having with their mobile services, quickly and easily without using up too much time or going out to staff or having them come into the office to resolve issues.

The Solution

Midland Telecom provided a fleet of both smartphones and tablet sims with excellent coverage from Vodafone. The combined network now used following the completion of the Beacon Mast Sharing Agreement between Vodafone and O2. Provides an unbeatable coverage. Each user now has access to both sets of masts, giving coverage that has gone from access to 11,000 masts to over 19,000 masts and was easily the best they had experienced with 4G available in most areas.

The superior coverage found in the difficulty terrain throughout Wales has been greatly improved. The team also have access to EE and O2 sims, which are provided on the same support platform, bill and account.

Cerion Williams Commented

“I was extremely happy with the options and implementation we received. With the Knox MDM it provides me and my users greater support and security on their mobile phones. Midland Telecom provided great communication and support throughout. Thank you.”


The complete transition from the initial meeting with their dedicated Account management team from Midland Telecom, through to the delivery of the MDM platform took around six weeks to complete.

Midland Telecom visited the site on three occasions to meet with the ICT team at SCW. Through which they audited and catalogued the fleet. Midland took the time to provide dedicated on-site training from a Samsung Knox specialist. Their Bid Manager Leon Fletcher always likes to prepare clients for what he describes and “what they don’t know they can do”. He provided both an on-line webinar to introduce the product and explain what they could do in order to show SCW what they did not know they could do with it.

They then enabled Knox Manage – Mobile Device Management to set up profiles and then each user was simply dragged from the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) where Midland Telecom had pre-loaded all the Samsung A10 devices into the Knox Manage Dashboard. The Knox trainer then helped Cerion from the ICT department to establish a series of profiles and they simply dragged each device into the profile required.

On powering up the devices, every detail was ready prepared, greatly reducing time to enroll a fleet of 70 devices. All the user had to do was insert their email address and password to enroll their 365 account. Active Directory and the central contact directory, WiFi passwords etc. To enhance security the Samsung A10’s were stripped of bloatware and only athorised applications remained on the devices, with a clear white list of approved web sites.

Midland Telecom’s portal allows alerts to be set up to warn of any excessive usage and their daily billing process has meant Social are Wales have kept their costs, remarkably the controls are so good SCW have kept to zero overspend from their basic monthly rental charges in three of the last five months and well under 1% overall.

Key Benefits:

Great dual network coverage throughout Wales

Dedicated Account Management team

On-site demonstration and training

Class winning specification at a great price from the Samsung A10.

Knox Manage MDM software with full device enrollment features

Android enterprise centralized features with remote tracking, wiping and screen capture and remote-control features.

Encrypted GDPR compliant data storage with remote, suspend wipe and restore

Video features with a large edge to edge screen and expandable memory.

Competitive winning tender from Midland Telecom

Great cost controls


Cerion Williams from the ICT team at Social care Wales commented “We are extremely happy with the services and relationship we have with Midland Telecom. Professional staff and extremely helpful when ever required”.

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