Dunns Imaging, Trust Midland Telecom for all their Communications

The Customer Dunns Imaging are a professional printing company specialising in the delivery of photographic print, digital press products and services, including wedding albums & books, canvas wraps, acrylic framed products, photobooks, photographic pack printing, short run promotional books for business marketing and promotion.

Founded in 1902, the business has served thousands of Professional Photographers all over the UK and has recently developed their own Designer software full of templated products to help clients customise their own prints in seconds.

Their Needs

Upgrades & Resilience.

Dunns Imaging has been a customer of Midland Telecom since 2014. As they have grown as a Business and embraced New Technology their Telephony requirements have also progressed.

The NEC Telephone System and SIP Trunks which was installed in 2014 still suited all of Dunns requirements so all that was required was a simple update to the Processor to enable additional SIP Capabilities for utilising advanced resilience options now available to them.

NEC Telephone System
Leased Lines

With an increasing number of professional photographers using digital devices to take photos, there was an essential requirement to improve internet connectivity, stability and receive guaranteed Upload & Download Speeds to be able to receive big files in seconds and without interruption.

Dunns initially entrusted the provision of their Leased Line Internet service to a household name that in the end couldn’t deliver on their promises and wasn’t able to provide the direct and hands on the support required.

At Dunns Imaging their professionalism lies in Printing and with the business continuously growing they needed a reliable provider who could take the reins and sufficiently manage their services for them. Having proved themselves as a Trustworthy and Reliable Provider Midland Telecom was given the opportunity to also supply the Leased Line Internet connection.

Gary Denham, Managing Director at Dunns Imaging

“We had so many troubles with our current internet provider that we needed to urgently find a new telecom supplier. We couldn’t carry on with a supplier who didn’t let us concentrate on our job. We already knew Midland Telecom, they have always promptly answered to all our questions and doubts. Their customer service has always been outstanding, that’s why we moved our leased line over to them.”

The Solution

In 2014 Midland Telecom provided a new and modern NEC SV8100 Telephone System and moved Dunns Imaging’ lines from traditional copper lines to SIP trunks. After 3 years, Midland Telecom has upgraded their NEC SV8100 to an NEC SV9100 which has enabled Multiple SIP Carriers for full resilience and embed applications including Mobility, Unified Communications and Fraud Guard.

Due to the many problems they faced with their current internet provider over a period of months, the decision was made to move their primary Leased Line internet circuit over to Midland Telecom.

Dunns Imaging now benefit from one supplier and one number to call for all their telecom needs with a fast, prompt and reliable service as well as an uncontended internet connection with no downtimes.

Gary Denham, Managing Director at Dunns Imaging

“Thanks to Midland Telecom we can now relax and concentrate on our business.”

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