CuBrAlco, Speeding up the Process!

The Customer

CuBrAlco Ltd is a recognised premier independent distributor of copper products to the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial and engineering sectors in the UK and Ireland. Over many years they have built on core experience and understanding of the needs of these sectors to expand their range and services ensuring they are always leading the industry and at the forefront. CuBrAlco has remained an independent and wholly privately owned company. This allows them to be adaptable, responding to changing demands in the market and the world around.

CuBrAlco: their Needs

Having been a customer of Midland Telecom’s for nearly 7 Years on Lines, Calls & Telephone System, CuBrAlco approached us about improving their Poor ADSL Broadband Connection as their needs have changed.

Despite having the necessary Technology to allow Remote/Home Working it wasn’t possible with the under 1Mbps Upload Speeds you get from an ADSL Connection and like many locations FTTC wasn’t available.

This left the only option of having a Direct Fibre Optic connection installed to the offices in order to have a 100Mb Connection capable of delivering the speeds required for the business to grow.

The Solution

Leased Lines as they are known are a Premium Service attracting higher rentals than your typical ADSL or FTTC Broadband. However, the benefits of a Dedicated and Guaranteed service outweighed the cost.

Combine that with the Cost Savings of converting Mulitple Broadbands and ISDN Line Rentals & to SIP Trunks and you have the perfect combination to meet both the Technical and Financial specification.

“We were paying for multiple Broadband connections that still weren’t delivering what was required!”

Chris Egginton, Managing Director


With a Lead Time of up to 90 Days, Leased Line installs can sometimes be a lengthy process but for CuBrAlco their 50Mbps Service was live in 60 Days.

Network Termination Equipment, Routers, Engineer Installs were all included as standard with testing being completed before being handed over as Live.

The Final Stage once happy with the 50Mbps Service was to complete the conversion from ISDN to SIP which was done so just as smoothly.

Key Benefits

  • Private Uncontended Fibre Internet Access up to 100Mbps
  • Guaranteed Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds
  • All Equipment included in the monthly cost of the Package
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement

Partnering with Midland Telecom

“The cost of maintaining multiple Bonded Broadband connections was no longer economical when compared with the benefits of having a Leased Line and the reduction in their rentals in the last 18 months.”

Founder and Managing Director of CuBrAlco, Chris Egginton

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