On November 1, 2019

According to numerous studies, more than 70% of callers to a business are placed on hold. If you don’t want your customers to go elsewhere, you should add a professional voice message on your phone system.

Music can represent a benefit to companies when putting callers on hold:

1. A suitable piece of music can distract the caller from the boredom of being on hold.

2. It reduces the perception of time passing, making complaints about waiting time less likely.

Music on hold can also represent your brand. By aligning the music played to callers on hold with the music used in the company’s ongoing television or radio advertising spots, promotional messages can be reinforced and the brand image strengthened.

All firms should think about the music they want to represent their brand. Music on hold may be one of the first things a potential customer hears when calling a company.

Benefits of On-Hold Messaging

80% of UK phone systems have recorded messages on. Engage callers from the first word they hear.

Reduce lost or abandoned calls and sales opportunities.

Stand out from your competitors and re-enforce your brand.

Promote awareness of products and services to customers waiting in queue or on hold.

Create cross and up-sell opportunities.

Customize Your Messages On Hold

You can test your virtual receptionist selecting your voice artist and your music. Try a sample now!

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