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NEC Telephone systems


A powerful yet affordable telephone system scalable from 8 to 896 users in any business environment.


These ranges of handsets are ideal for any small business that is looking to lower their costs while increasing productivity. 


The NEC SL2100 is a Hybrid TDM/VoIP system with Fully Featured phones and is scalable up to 256 ports.


MyCalls is an application that includes a range of call management solutions that can be easily expanded and upgraded. Ideal for small and big business that use telephony with their customers

MyCalls Call Manager

Provides a full complement of call management information.
  • Protect Sales Revenues
  • Abandoned calls are flagged and logged enabling rapid
  • customer callback.
Manage by Exception
  • Userdefined system alarms alert managers to situations that require their attention as do reports on all aspects of call performance.
Reduce Call Costs
  • Unauthorised calls, e.g., mobiles / premium rate numbers are highlighted.
Accelerate Return on Investment
  • Productivity gains and cost savings lead to more profitable operation.

Mycalls Call Centre

Only for SV9100 models, Mycalls Call centre provides supervisors with full control of extensions and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) groups from their desktop.
Increase Capability
  • Automatically distributes and prioritises calls to enhance efficiency and improve customer experience.
Raise Service Standards
  • Improved management control reduces caller delays in queues & delivers calls to those best able to help.
Maximise Agent Productivity
  • Managers have realtime information and activity reports essential to agent performance and training.

MyCalls Enterprise

Enables easy call management and reporting across multiple sites.
Increase Productivity
  • Detailed call management and reporting information is provided across multiple sites simultaneously.
Costs savings
  • Larger organisations can be managed more easily from as ingle desktop, reducing the amount and cost of managerial time required.

Mycalls Call Recording

MyCalls Call Recorder is a highly featured, costeffective solution and an essential addon to NEC’s SV9100 & SL1100 communication platforms.
  • Improve Sales
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Instant evidence, legality and proof
  • Painless dispute resolutions
  • Reduce faults and errors

Benefits of mycall

NEC Toll fraud Guard

The Toll Fraud Guard is an active call monitoring application that can be used to help prevent fraudulent calls from taking place.

When potential fraudulent activity takes place within your set parameters the guard will send email notifications of the details, allowing you to remotely block further calls from being made with a single email reply.

NEC Support

If you’re looking for a new maintainer for your NEC Phone System you couldn’t come to a better place than Midland Telecom:

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