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Make calls over IP with SIP trunk

Over the last 10 years, there has been an evolution in telephone services that provide much more robust, flexible and cost-effective solutions. These easy to control communications are giving businesses the tools they need to grow.

What is SIP trunking?


For most businesses, the use of these next generation voice platforms eliminates the need for a fixed phone line and its high costs. Throughout the process, businesses seamlessly keep all their existing phone numbers. With the ability to manage the voice service in the cloud offers greater control and flexibility. For instance, you can divert your office calls to your smartphone.

Phone numbers can be easily managed including your online telephone numbers and they can set up business continuity services so that calls can be automatically rerouted to other offices or mobile phones in the event of a disaster at one of the sites.

Why Midland Telecom SIP trunking?


As a SIP Trunking provider, we always provide the customers with two alternative carriers for greater reliability and all-inclusive unlimited call plans for the UK and International calls. We have a live support desk with experienced engineers able to assist you with all the aspect of technology.


Dedicated Account Manager

Nobody likes to be ignored, or in the position where they can’t get hold of someone. At Midland Telecom, we always make sure our customers have their dedicated Account Manager to seek help and advice when required.

Benefits of using SIP trunk

Business Continuity 


Whether an IT issue – or the impact of extreme weather, fire, theft or terrorism – with SIP Phones you can reroute calls and keep your business always-on, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Scale up and down when you need


Because SIP trunks are virtual rather than physical, scaling and maintenance are much easier than you think. If your business needs to move, expand or downsize, SIP trunks can be easily adjusted with a change to the software configuration.

Cut costs on calls and line rental


With SIP trunking any call becomes a ‘local’ call, each employee can have their own dedicated line and you’re no longer paying for separate voice and data lines. Voip is 30–50% cheaper than ISDN lines and the costs are likely to stay fixed for your contract term meaning the gap will get even wider.

Call Quality


You can have HD quality speech and the quality is that good that it sounds like speakers are in the same room as you.



With BT ISDN lines you are constrained by a rigid network that only permits the use of a number to receive and dial out, from your local area telephone exchange. This means every site has a differing number. With SIP you are centrally connected to the telephone network and can have any UK area telephone number, at any site.



SIP is an IP-based call service that can travel across your existing computer network (with the appropriate switches in place). This means computers can lend a hand in queuing, recording, dialing, logging and integration into your desktop applications with ease.


Deborah Gee

Deborah Gee Finance Director at Creative Youth Network

“We have been working with Midland Telecom for a number of years now and find them excellent to deal with. Steve and the team at Midland Telecom work tirelessly to find the right solutions and to give great support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and I do whenever I can! ”

Amanda Mills

Amanda Mills Head of IT and Network Services at Nelson and Colne College

“We are very happy with the proactive and flexible service that Midland Telecom offer. From order, through provisioning to after-care, the service has operated very smoothly.”

Dave Meseck

Dave Meseck CEO at DMG Eco

“We have now been established for a year and our chosen partner for all telecoms is Midland Telecom, we now have over 50 mobiles a full hosted telephone system and 100MB dedicated fibre connection. I would highly recommend speaking to them if you need telecom support for your business”

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