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If you are interested in having new business phone lines installed, moving your lines, explore SIP trunking and call packages you couldn’t come to a better place than Midland Telecom.


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Landline call plans

We offer bespoke Plans including everything from local to International Calls and nongeographical numbers. Request a free of charge bill comparison and analysis to find out how much you can save with us.

Mobile call plans

We also offer “all you can eat” mobile plans tailored for your needs. We work with the three major networks (O2, Vodafone andEE) to offer you the very best deals and tariffs in the UK and when travelling abroad

Lines and Calls Support

We include Business Level 2 care as Standard in our packages and extra Level 3 and Level 4 Care at a small additional cost.

 Sip Trunking and Hosted Voice explained


With SIP trunking, you won’t need to invest in and manage multiple phone and data lines as long as you have a good internet connection.  

Your employees can securely and reliably make and receive phone calls; conduct video conferences; exchange email, photos, charts, and graphs; and more  all over the Internet. SIP trunk ensures that communications from one endpoint to another are routed securely and appropriately, including phone calls to mobile devices or tablets.

One-stop shop for SIP trunking

We offer all the technologies, services, and integration required to configure your SIP trunk,alleviating the installations challenges your IT may faceWe will do all the necessary preinstallation compatibility testing, ensuring all solutions work together as they should.
And in the event your lines are performing at anything less than optimum levels, our engineers will quickly respond and restore the piece of hardware or software causing the problem within our service level agreement.

Resilience and business continuity

With SIP your numbers can be at any site and you can have multiple connections. This avoids any kind of circuit failure and if there is a major fault call it can be automatically diverted to a cloud-based menu and delivered to multiple mobile phones retaining full service.

Call Quality

You can have HD quality speech and the quality is that good that it sounds like speakers are in the same room as you.


With BT ISDN lines you are constrained by a rigid network that only permits the use of a number to receive and dial out, from your local area telephone exchange. This means every site has a differing number. With SIP you are centrally connected to the telephone network and can have any UK area telephone number, at any site.  

Cost savings

SIP trunking is 3050% cheaper than ISDN lines and the costs are likely to stay fixed for your contract term meaning the gap will get even wider.


SIP is an IP-based call service that can travel across your existing computer network (with the appropriate switches in place). This means computers can lend a hand in queuing, recording, dialling, logging and integration into your desktop applications with ease.SIP trunking is 3050% cheaper than ISDN lines and the costs are likely to stay fixed for your contract term meaning the gap will get even wider.

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