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SIP Trunks

What are SIP Trunks?

For most businesses, the use of next generation voice platforms such as SIP eliminated the need for a fixed phone line and its high costs.

Migrating from Analogue or ISDN Lines is a seamless process allowing you to retain all existing phone numbers. Including for a FREE is a full Planning Service from a member of the team to walk you through every step to ensure there is no disruption to your Business.

With the ability to manage your Telephone Numbers online in the cloud you gain greater control and flexibility. This also gives you access to setup business continuity services so that calls can be automatically rerouted to other sites or even mobile phones in the event of a failure, disaster or if the office needs to suddenly close for any reason.

Benefits of using SIP Trunks

Business Continuity

Whether an IT issue – or the impact of extreme weather, fire, theft or pandemic – with SIP you can reroute calls and keep your business always-on, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Changes and Scalability

Because SIP trunks are virtual rather than physical, scaling and maintenance are much easier than you think. If your business needs to move, expand or downsize, SIP trunks can be easily adjusted.

Cost Savings

SIP is 30-50% cheaper on average than ISDN or Analogue Lines and includes Inclusive Calls. In most cases these savings will subsidise, in full or part, the cost of any equipment associated with upgrading to SIP, ensuring it is a cost neutral exercise.

Call Quality

HD Voice Quality as standard.


All of your existing telephone numbers are retained and migrated to SIP. Restrictions on local area numbers are lifted giving you the freedom to relocate or advertise your Business in any location whilst taking all calls through a single system.

Fraud Monitoring

Midland Telecom provides a variety of FREE fraud monitoring tools across our SIP and Cloud services including automatic barring to limit the risks of toll fraud and alert you to any abnormal call behaviour.


SIP is compatible with most on-premise and cloud hosted telephone systems. There is rarely an occasion we cannot provide SIP. Please enquire for more details on how to make the switch.

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