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Flexible Mobile Solutions for your Business

At Midland Telecom, we pride ourselves on offering not only the best customer support and service, but we also work with you to come up with bespoke business mobile solutions so that you do not have to shift through multiple providers and settle for products that you do not want.

We work with the three major networks (O2, Vodafone and EE) to offer you the very best deals and tariffs in the UK and when travelling abroad.

We build your Mobile plans. We customise your voice, SMS, data and international packs.

Employees and employers may have diverse needs. That is why we build tailor-made plans that meet your employees’ needs and help your business cuts costs. Do you employees prefer one network over another one? We have all major network providers available with a range of flexible and bespoke packages.

Tell us the amount of internet, calls and texts your employees use and their favourite network and we will do the rest!

Business User 1

Job title: Managing Director

Calls: between 50 to 70 calls a day to UK numbers

Data: He uses only 300MB per month for emails and sharing documents

Texts: He sends 1 to 5 texts a day to UK numbers

Business User 2

Job title: Account Manager

Calls: between 70 to 100 calls a day to UK and international numbers

Data: He uses 1GB per month for Google Maps, competitors websites, emails, Whatsapp groups and online documents.

Texts: He sends 1 to 5 texts a day to UK numbers

Business User 3

Job title: Marketing Manager

Calls: between 10 to 20 calls a day to UK and International numbers

Data: She uses 5 to 6 GB of data per month to check competitors’ websites, mobile compatibility, Live chat App, emails, documents in the cloud, Social Media posts and Youtube Videos.

Texts: She never send text

Business Benefits

Equipment supply

  • We supply handsets at the same price as the main three networks (new price lists are released every quarter).
  • We can source most makes and models of handsets.
  • Sourcing replacement screens, batteries and repairs can be more difficult for unpopular models. Keeping to popular brands and models gives better continuity of supply and support.
  • Contract renting the handset gives the lowest costs over 24 months.
  • You can purchase handsets outright, rent them or buy them from equipment funds.

We offer a wide range of Mobile phones and Tablets: iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Nokia Lumia and Blackberry.

Mobile data

Because we have our own billing platforms and bill our own tariffs, we can offer a mobile on one network and if there is no coverage you can tether your laptop or tablet to your mobile and use another than has got signal.  Stay in coverage longer and keep doing business on the move. Whether your service is for a backup, for your broadband or to give your mobile devices the coverage they need, we can provide the service on:

  • USB sticks
  • Integrated sim cards
  • MiFi spots – for general mobile Wi-Fi use for any device
  • Tethering of mobile phones as WiFi hotspots.

Monitor Mobiles use and get Alerts

We offer you a billing platform that let you monitor all your company mobiles:

  • Set up alerts for high spending
  • Monitor data, calls and texts usage
  • Reporting
  • Block a sim card

Take your Mobile abroad with Midland Telecom

If you’re using a Mobile Broadband device, it’s easy to stay connected when you’re working or going on holiday in another country. You can keep up with emails, watching news and videos, share documents and post on social with one of our bespoke plans.

where can I use it?

We cover every country highlighted in purple on the below world map
(If your country is not showed on the map, please get in touch to discuss your options)

Business Mobile Placeholder
Business Mobile


Deborah Gee

Deborah Gee Finance Director at Creative Youth Network

“We have been working with Midland Telecom for a number of years now and find them excellent to deal with. Steve and the team at Midland Telecom work tirelessly to find the right solutions and to give great support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and I do whenever I can! ”

Dave Meseck

Dave Meseck CEO at DMG Eco

“We have now been established for a year and our chosen partner for all telecoms is Midland Telecom, we now have over 50 mobiles a full hosted telephone system and 100MB dedicated fibre connection. I would highly recommend speaking to them if you need telecom support for your business”

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