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ISDN Switch Off – Converting your PBX

With the Upcoming ISDN Switchoff, there are a few options for the System Conversion. On this page there will be information on each option so you can see which suits your business the best.


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Switching to a Hosted Service

Pros of a Hosted Service:

Small number of users can have high end features at a low monthly cost, e.g recording.

Centrally control remote users, make your own moves and changes.

System gets regularly updated without capital costs.

Cheaper for multiple sites or under 10 users.

Cons of a Hosted Service:

You will need to have new handsets, possibly cabling and direct numbers for each user.

The cost can add up if a large number of users are being used.

You never own the system.

Options for Converting your Current PBX

  1. Buy and fit a new IP trunk card (SIP) to replace the current ISDN card(s). Most systems purchased in the last five years should be capable of this simple upgrade.  You keep the same handsets, same familiar system, just change the type of lines that your telephone numbers use to reach you.

  2. Buy just a new CPU where the current CPU does not support SIP, keeping the same handsets and simply swap over the main control box (CPU) connecting the new SIP trunks.

  3. Install a new ISDN to SIP converter to connect the SIP trunks to your existing system. It carries on as if using ISDN and the converter routes the calls over SIP for you.

Replacing your existing PBX

If your current system is not capable of converting to IP/SIP then we have many new system options for Businesses of any size.

The image shows the Unify X5 & The NEC SV9100 which are just a couple of the many capable phone systems we offer.


Please see our systems page for more information on different Brands and Models to suit your business needs.

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