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What is LLU Broadband?


LLU stands for Local Loop Unbundling.

Bit of a history lesson:

Back in the “good old days” BT had the monopoly of the telephone network in the UK. However this all changed in 2001 when Ofcom, the telecommunications competition regulator, ruled that to encourage innovation and promote competition the last mile of copper cable should be opened up to other suppliers. This ultimately created LLU Broadband services which offer competitively priced broadband products.

What is ADSL 2+ Broadband?


An evolution of the ADSL product ADSL2 and ADSL2+ is delivered on the 21CN network. According to BT these products reach 97% of businesses in the UK.

What speeds are available?

Speeds are restricted by location but can reach 24mbps download/1.5mps upload.

To ensure Midland Telecom can offer the very best bang for your buck we offer LLU broadband as well as BT’s own ADSL 2+ products.

Our prices for LLU and ADSL 2+ broadbands start at £9.99pm and is suitable for small businesses with a couple of employees.

Key Points of your ADSL connection.

If you require a higher speed for your broadband please visit our Fibre Broadband Page

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